Certified Special Education Specialist, ACSI​
    Association of Educational Therapists
    Certified Lexercise Structured Literacy Clinician
    IDA Certified Structured Literacy Teacher
    COGMED Qualified Provider​

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​Reading, writing, and language are crucial to the success of all students, and essential to success in our society.     Reading, writing, and language skills lay the foundation for all learning. The methods used by Read for Life give students the confidence and skills to be successful readers and communicators.
We are dedicated to becoming partners with you in helping your child improve reading, oral and written language, and auditory processing.
Working in partnership with families and classroom teachers, we strive to build a solid foundation for your child’s learning success.

Cogmed Qualified Practice
I am an Educational Therapist, Qualified Cogmed Provider, and Lexercise Clinician, very successfully teaching struggling students to read, write, and spell using researched and proven methodology. I work with students online using secure webinars. I work directly with my students 1 hour weekly which includes 15 minutes for program review and planning. Additionally, my students are expected to review and practice daily the concepts introduced weekly using materials I provide. This daily 20-30 minute home practice solidifies the knowledge and greatly reduces the time needed to close the achievement gap and bring your child up to grade level.

I have also added COGMED Training to my clinical expertise.  In my work with children with dyslexia and reading delays, I have noticed a very high percentage of students have low or limited working memory. COGMED is a very highly researched, effective training option for children with low working memory and limited focus.  It has been shown that increasing the working memory has a positive impact on focus as well as reading, writing, and math skills.

​​​​I will be happy to discuss your child’s needs and work with you to design a program that will meet the need and remove the educational barriers.
Certified Special Education Specialist, ACSI #103064
    ​Association of Educational Therapists
    IDA Certified Structured Literacy Teacher​
    Certified Lexercise Structured Literacy Clinician
    COGMED Qualified Provider​
    B.S. Education, K-8, and
    Cognitively Challenged K-12

    M.Ed. Special Education, K-12
    ​Specific Learning Disabilities

    Post-graduate training in Multi-Sensory
    ​Education,Orton-Gillingham Approach

    Lexercise Certified Structured Literacy Clinician​​
    IDA Certified Structured Literacy Teacher
    COGMED Qualified Provider​
G-- He’s having a great school year so far and I know his work with you is really paying off. We’re super proud of him. Got his first set of school papers home yesterday and he had nothing but “great work”, etc. stamps and stickers. Thanks for your role in helping him. He’s a special guy!
    ​B--I am so thankful for this program! Not only is my daughter, B--, now reading on grade level, she is excelling in school, and has been inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society! Thank you!
E--Thank you, Ruth. She too seemed to do well (her attitude was much improved)!
    J--We are so thankful for J--’s progress. She started at age 7 with no understanding of letters and sounds. By fourth grade she was reading on grade level—one of the best readers in the class, and today was inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society.
    P--Thank you so much for working with P-- over the past several months. He has truly enjoyed you, and I know he will miss you. I appreciate your recommendations. P-- also wanted me to tell you he made honor roll on his first report card! We would like to finish Headsprout, but will discontinue the tutoring as of now.
    Peace and Many Blessings
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D-- Just had to share.. This is the first book that D-- has ever read that is more than a few pages long. She took to the book and voluntarily read it without being forced. Today she took an A/R test for school on it and her results are below (90%). This is the first time she's ever taken a test on a book that can earn higher than .5 points. This is a massive step forward for her. I'm overjoyed!!!
    A-- loves you. We understand about the cost. You are worth it.
    PW--Thank you very much for being so wonderful with P--. I wanted to tell you that I prayed hard about what therapy route to place P-- in and I am thankful He gave me you.
    S--I wanted to let you know that the story has been a bit of a challenge for her this week. She's working on it. And...I just bought her a book series called Ivy & Bean and she loves it! She has read 4 chapters to herself already! I'm so excited! Let's hope this momentum continues. : )
Our Focus
  • We work with children struggling with reading, writing, and spelling.
  • Many of our clients struggle due to ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, low working memory, or deficits in auditory and visual processing.
A Typical Session
  • We meet with your child weekly in a secure webinar, and parents are encouraged to observe.
  • We begin with diagnostic screenings to determine specific areas of need.
  • We spend about 45 minutes on targeted, structured intervention, using research based and proven methodology and resources.
  • Our services are diagnostic, focusing on your child’s strengths and needs.
Services Offered
  • Diagnostic evaluation in academic and processing areas.
  • Weekly therapeutic interventions based on skill deficits, capitalizing on your child’s strengths, using a structured multi-sensory approach (e.g. Multi-Sensory Structured Literacy-aka Orton-Gillingham Approach).   
  • Targeted, prescriptive computer games for daily practice of skills requiring remediation.
  • Consultation, training and materials for parents to assist and support your child between sessions.
  • Evidence-based cognitive training which improves working memory substantially and lastingly. 
REFERRAL BONUS!!   For every new client who commits to one month of therapy and mentions your name as a referral source, you will be provided an Amazon gift card or credit on your account for $50.
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